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Matter and Origin, the exhibition we are presenting at Artur Ramon Art, is a journey through the work of the ceramist Claudi Casanovas from 2013 to the present day. His works will be accompanied by pieces by other outstanding figures such as the ceramic artist Josep Llorens i Artigas and the Noucentista sculptor Enric Casanovas, Claudi’s paternal grandfather. Other works in the show range from a sixteenth-century altarpiece by Adriaen Isenbrandt via works from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, such as watercolours by Josep Mirabent or Arcadi Mas i Fontdevila, sculptures by Manolo Hugué, paintings from the 1950s and ’60s by Joan Ponç and Antoni Tàpies, prints from the ’70s by Henry Moore and Eduardo Chillida, through to absolutely contemporary photographic work by Joan Fontcuberta.

“In art everything is a coming and going between the past and the present, a tension (sometimes interpreted in absolute terms, like evolution); sensibility, curiosity: ingenuity educates us, at every moment and at every level. There are no neutral procedures, there is no objective technique, there is tekhnē, know-how and transformation.”
“I make new stones, I see them scattered across the Pyrenees with no name, with no attributes, like fragments of an unknown geology. Blocks, small ones at first, Twenty Blocks in London with Anita Besson. Then, from 200 to 1000 kilos, like the two we are collecting today at the entrance to the Artur Ramon Art gallery. And, finally, the excessive, the 12 tonne Memorial Als Vençuts, the memorial to the vanquished, which took its name from the defeated and has fixed them in memory.”

Claudi Casanovas, the most internationally acclaimed contemporary Catalan ceramist, hails from the lands of Olot and is a regenerator of the art of ceramics; his work is based on constant experimentation with earth, with the mixture of clays. As an artist he is attracted above all by the materials that are created in large pieces and are produced by chance, in the form of cracks and porosities, and where the mark of the imprint, the stain of ash, is clearly apparent.


Artur Ramon Art
Mónica Ramón Navarro, Artur Ramón Navarro


Fecha / date:
Marzo 2023


Equipo / Project Design & Fabrication :
aZCÓN architectures SLP + KOCHER-MINDERarchitekten
Antonio Sanmartín + Matthias Kocher + Michael Minder


Claudi Casanovas
Rosa Casanovas
Ignasi Roses Solano, iluminación
Toni Mateu, fotografía


Especialistas y expertos:
Eva Vàzquez, historiadora


Nika Susanina
arquitectas de aZCÓN architectures

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